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Excitement Shared for Pokemon NAIC!

NAIC bounded baby!

What is NAIC? It just so happen to be one of the biggest events in competitive Pokemon! Especially in North America! It is the North America International Championships! Taking place from June 23rd to 26th in Columbus, Ohio. Ranging from competition from TCG, VGC, Pokken and Pokemon GO.

There is a special time in June where Pokemon players from around the world gather! The last and final time for many players to gain an invite to the Pokemon World Championships. Though, it isn’t all fierce competition! Some go for the fun of just battling Pokemon. Others go to be with friends. Either way, We are nearing NAIC and Pokemon fans are excited!

This year NAIC is a bit different. In the past, registration has been opened to all. Though, due to COVID protocol, registration has been limited to a first come, first serve process. This is to help prevent the spread of COVID among attendees. Registration was done in waves to give people various chances to register for one of the biggest Pokemon events of the year.

While not everybody was able to snag a spot today, plenty did. So, today I want to just share some of their excitement for many to see and enjoy. Hopefully it will make you happy as well.


There are plenty of Pokemon GO players who will be battling their way to the top. How do they feel about getting their golden registration for NAIC?

Some people were so excited to make it into registration that they had to share a picture of their accomplishment.

Lets GO play some GO PvP!

Another players ready to give it a GO at GO PvP!

VGC Rumble in Columbus!

You hear that? Those are the voices of VGC players ready to rock it in Columbus, Ohio!

Famed voice from the PUCL Podcast is going to be there! For VGC!

There is no price tag on a fun time in Columbus, Ohio for NAIC.


TCG Players to Ohio!

Does NAIC hopes to top the number of TCG players at Indy? These players think they can with how fast they signed up!


We hope you have fun at your first NAIC!

Content Creators Content for Columbus

Event content creators are excited to get a spot at NAIC!

These content creators for the Pokemon TCG are going to be there! And you bet they will have fun!

This is so awesome to hear! First competition of the year! Not a bad one to make a first. We hope they will have tons of fun!

We know their play for NAIC.

Selected for a Fun Time

Last but not least! We can’t forget the amazing Professors who are going to make sure the rules are followed and everybody have a fun time. After all, we can’t have an event without these amazing people!

Today, various Pokemon Professors got their invites to staff NAIC. We hope they have lots of fun working such an amazing event! Make sure to thank them if you are a player.

Will post if head judge! Hyped to hear this! Juniors are going to rock!

GO are getting the best judges for their first NAIC!

First time in the US! Have fun judging and sightseeing!


We hope these people sharing their excitement and happiness brought a smile on your face!

Best of luck to all the competitors, staff and everybody going to NAIC! May you all have fun in Columbus, Ohio!

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