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EXP. Share Nuzlocke for Charity: Week 2

How did our favorite attorney did on the way to Azalea Town this week?

Another week and another charity for Tanner and Attorney Will N. Testament. This week on the way to Azalea Town, Will N. Testament picked up a few more clients. Though, not all went well as there was a lost.

In case you forgot, Tanner is playing as Attorney Will N. Testament. A lawyer who handles cases involving the passing of their clients. These clients just so happen to be the Pokemon that Tanner is using for his nuzlocke. Each one of his Pokemon will be named after a charity that the client wishes for their funds will be donated at the end of their life. Tanner will donate $10 for each of Attorney Will N. Testament’s clients who has passed. This and Tanner will remove the Pokemon from their party.

With that said, let see how Tanner and Will N. Testament did this week.

The Journey So Far

Tanner and Will N. Testament are on the way to Azalea Town to get their Hive Badge. Along the way they have to go through Union Cave and handle some Rockets in a well.

Though, the trouble happen in the Azalea City Gym as Will N. Testament took on Bugsy. Right out of the gate, Will N. Testament sent out Zubat against Bugsy’s Scyther. Though, a Focus Energy powered attack took out the newly acquired BatCon the Zubat.

Below are the details for BatCon the Zubat.

Those Who have Passed

If you wish to donate to Bat Conservation International then click on the link above.

Current Clients
Team so far

Tanner and Will N. Testament have a huge task ahead of them next week as they face Whitney at the Goldenrod Gym. Will they be able to survive this rodeo? Listen to EXP. Share to find out!

Ongoing Conversation