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Fanfiction Classics #1: Pokemon Master

Fanfiction is one of the most timeless methods of showing off fandom. This is prevalent throughout much of fiction and some famous works that are inspired by public domain works could be considered fanfiction in a sense.  Pokemon is one of the best examples of the numerous amounts of fanfiction on the web; second only to Kingdom Hearts on Fanfiction.Net regarding quantity. Considering how many there are, we will have to go through some of the best to figure out the impact.  And where else to start than with a fic stated to be the first Pokemon Darkfic.


Having been completed in 2002, the work on this dark and complex fanfiction has been done since before Generation II. While a joy for some of the older fans, newer fans may find themselves confused, especially if they are unfamiliar with the first season of the Pokemon anime.

11 years after the anime, the world is in a state of ruin where we see familiar characters old and new, now darker and more mature. We follow Ashura (Ash) and his new Shadow Pikachu return to his home town and we see his involvement with the Resistance against the madness of the League and coming to terms with what happened between him and Misteria (Misty) years ago.

A very good gem and an example of  a dark fic done well. A balanced mix of violence, drama, intrigue with some romance and occasional humor. Definately rated M for mature. Fittingly, it has been described as Pokemon meets Heroes or Avatar: The Last Airbender, though this fanfiction proceeds both of these series.

It is a good read and pretty long one, combining aspects of the game and anime into a gem.

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