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Fans Say Good Bye to Generation 8

From Galar to Hisui.

We sure have gone far and wide when it comes to Generation 8. From the busy city of Motostoke to the humble beginnings of Jubilife Village. We even made a stop by Veilstone City. Our time in Generation 8 was only three years but we sure did saw a lot, experience new things and made plenty of friends.

Now, today we want to do one final send off for Generation 8, Galar, Sinnoh and Hisui. To do this, we will send this off to the fans on Twitter. We asked what are your favorite and happy moments from Generation 8. Below are the responses.

AnnaCoelho says…

Starting us off strong! Rabbitheart has given us a wonderful list of all things Generation 8 they love. From Galar to Hisui.

And yes. I wished we had gotten DLC for Legends: Arceus. How that would have been wonderful.

DayBreakShifter says…

Legends: Arceus was certainly a different game. One that surely many players enjoy from how it handles wild encounters to just what it brought story wise.

Also, great art!

Tsukento says…

Everything you said is and was true. The Dynamax mechanic had mixed opinions and still do. Overall, it really did change the game in big ways. Then we can’t forget the changes to raise competitive Pokemon. We really did see a shift in everything with this game.

Galar Goodbye

With that said, let us all raise a glass and toast to Generation 8, Galar, Hisui and everything that we have enjoyed in the last three years. Some bad. Some good. All memories that we will take with us to Paldea and beyond.

We thank everybody who took the time to give us their thoughts on Generation 8. To everybody else, let us know your thoughts on Generation 8 in the comments.

Thank you Galar for bringing us into another generation.

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