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Fantastic Fan Art: Bulbasaur Bizarre Adventure

Bulbasaur is on an adventure and it is going to be bizarre!

Today we want to show off some fantastic fan art featuring the number one Pokemon, Bulbasaur!

We have several pieces featuring Bulbasaur by Rachel (@Sharkie2319). Rachel depicts Bulbasaur in many different situations from an angry Beedrill to an adorable Caterpie friend. These little misadventures may be inspired from Bulbasaur in the anime where he took care of various Pokemon. Personally, I love the piece that has Bulbasaur saving his Oddish friend. That one is rather adorable and features one of my favorite Pokemon.

I also love how Rachel depicted how Bulbasaur’s body and vines are used. It is a unique take on the familiar Grass starter. The bulb on Bulbasaur’s back is more like a loose like blades of grass then a solid one piece bulb. That is pretty cool and interesting to think about.

Make sure to check out Rachel’s Twitter for even more fantastic pieces of art!

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