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Fantastic Fan Art: All Hail Pachirisu

Pachi art

By Dpik

The Pokemon World Championships has ended and Se Jun Park from S. Korea was crowned Champion for the Master Video Game Championships. All of Se Jun Park’s Pokemon fought hard for him but the Pokemon from his team that stole the spotlight wasn’t any of the usual suspects. It wasn’t Garchomp. It wasn’t Talonflame. It wasn’t a Rotom. The Pokemon that Se Jun Park used was Pachirisu who Nuzzle and Follow Me her way to our hearts.

The use of Pachirisu in a higher tier event was a surprise to everybody and even more at how well this Pokemon did. Pachirisu did so well that it has spur a furry of fanart to be made. Click below to look at some of the great fan art featuring Pachirisu from Worlds!

Here is an amazing piece from Kazeru. This piece features the heavy attackers used by Se Jun Park during his run to become Worlds Champion. Though, just like in the actual matches, Pachirisu is the real star of this piece. Look at how brave Pachirisu stands before her teammates and even more. Those scratch marks! You can really tell that this little squirrel has taken a beating and will keep doing so for the sake of her friends!

Sapphire Luna did a fantastic piece to celebrate all the hard work that Pachirisu did to help bring the wins for Se Jun Park. Hail to the queen! Doesn’t she look so cute? Make sure to not eat any of the roses!

宋ペクリョン from Pixiv did a touching piece featuring Se Jun Park’s Pachirisu and Garchomp. This piece is has Garchomp showing her gratitude to Pachirisu for taking so many hits for her. This includes a Draco Meteor that Pachirisu survived and which allowed her to help take down a bulky Rotom-Mow. I bet that this Garchomp is happy to have such a supportive partner to battle alongside her.

Pachi Follow me
Aken from Tumblr did a great piece which represent what this Pachirisu became known for. Follow Me! This attack allows all moves to be directed to the user. This Pachirisu may have used it on the viewers because we all followed her as she redirected attacks to herself and withstood them all! This helped Pachirisu’s teammates to land important attacks on Pokemon when it was most needed without worry of being damage. Just like this piece says, we will follow this Pachirisu.

Pachi and team
Lastly, we will feature a piece by Rexman. This is a touching piece featuring Se Jun Park and his whole Worlds team in an embrace. Surely to celebrate their amazing win at Worlds. They all look happy together after all their hard work this year. It was a long road but all of them deserve this win for their strength and creativity. Congratulations to Se Jun Park and his amazingly trained Pokemon.

I hope you all enjoyed this edition of Fantastic Fan Art! These are all amazing pieces featuring Pachirisu and the battling she did at this year’s Worlds. They were all amazing battles!

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