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Fantastic Fan Art! Legendary Normal Pokemon!

It is Friday so how about some Fantastic Fan Art!

And we have found some Fantastic Fan Art! Today from MacksFakemon on Twitter!

We want to spotlight an amazing idea that they have made…Legendary Normal Pokemon! In the tweet that you see above, Macks has decided to make Sableye into a Legendary Pokemon. And it sure does look Legendary!

Sableye as a Legendary Pokemon does give some huge king of the mountain vibes. How it just sits there on top of it’s hoard of gold and gems. No more running on the ground searching for gems to eat. Sableye has plenty to eat and slowly waiting for more to come to him. Sableye looks pretty powerful too as it should as a Legendary Pokemon.

If you like this piece of fantastic fan art from Macks then check out the rest of his work! They have plenty of great fakemon that you will love to look at!

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