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Fantastic Fan Art: Let’s Go Mentaiko!

Time to put the spotlight on some fantastic fan art by a certain artist!

Today we want to put the spotlight on Mentaiko_Omoti who has done several piece of fan art featuring some Kanto classics! He has done pieces of work featuring all kinds of characters and series from Pokemon to Jojo. In today’s feature I wanted to showcase his work involving Kanto characters seeing that we are going back to that region with the new Let’s Go games.

In the piece above we see everybody’s favorite Generation 7 bad guy and rival with some Kanto favorite gym leaders. It looks as if Mentaiko thought that Sabrina and Surge wanted to go on vacation together. They must not know that Alola’s bad guy turn good guy was close by. That is fine because Guzma is enjoying a day off fishing and doesn’t want to be bothered. Hau is there too and it is just amazing to see him so happy.

You can already tell that Mentaiko has a certain style that is different from others. It is a great style that can be used to depict scenes that are in motion while looking fresh. Just by looking at the scene above, you can hear and see everything moving. From Guzma fishing to Sabrina and Surge enjoying a casual stroll. That is all thanks to the style that Mentaiko uses in his pieces.

This piece by Mentaiko features Janine and Koga. Here they look to be having a serious conversation about something. Perhaps it is a review of Janine’s work? Passing of the gym? Either way, Mentaiko’s style really helps depicts the seriousness of the scene. You can tell that something is going on. Mentaiko uses the light from the windows to paint the scene in a way that really brings out the tone of the characters in the room.

Lastly, I want to feature this group picture that Mentaiko made for Pokemon’s anniversary. This piece features all the gym leaders, your rival and the protagonists. It looks as if they are taking part in a group picture to celebrate another year of great battles.

This piece is rather interesting. At the time of the creation of this piece, nobody had any idea that we will be revisiting this characters in brand new title. It is amazing that these characters have survived the passage of time to be beloved by both new and old fans. I am sure many fans are excitedly yelling “let’s go on an adventure!” for the chance to see these characters.

Either way, Mentaiko captured these characters perfectly to help bring back old memories and excite some new ones.

Check out the rest of Mentaiko_Omoti’s works by clicking here! Other favorites that I didn’t have the chance to show features Erika and her Vileplume in a garden. There is also another tweet that features the protagonist facing off Elite Four members such as Shauntal and Koga.

Keep up the fantastic fan art Mentaiko Omoti!

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