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First Track of Pokemon Music Collective Released!

Pokemon Music Collective
Time for…Alarm! At the Pokemon Center!

That is because the first track from the newest Pokemon project in Japan as been released! The first track from the Pokemon Music Collective has been released!

This piece of music is called “Sing” and it is by Japanese artist imase. “Sing” focus on musical pieces and sounds from the Pokemon Center. You can also hear several button clicks throughout the piece. There are other pieces that many long time Pokemon fans would recognize.

Some of them you may be able to pick out is the healing sound from the Pokemon Center, your Pokeballs being place on the healing machine, and the PC loading up when you turn it on. One special musical cue you can hear is the classic Game Freak “star” sound from when their logo shows up in Pokemon games.

You can listen to “Sing” by imase below.

What is the Pokemon Music Collective?

The Pokemon Music Collective is a new project that is being done in Japan. This project will have artists from Japan create pieces of music using Pokemon sounds. It is expected that many new artists from various genres will be taking part in this project.

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