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“Fist Fight” TCG Decklist



Wanting to test a new competitive deck with friends? Well look no further, as this might be the deck for you! The Fist Fight deck is easy to build and can even be used surprise the opponent! Take a look at this bad boy after the break!

Deck Build

Pokemon: 11

1 M Lucario EX

3 Landorus EX

3 Lucario EX

2 Landorus

2 Terrakion

Trainers: 37

4 Professor Scyamore (draw)
4 Korrina (search)

2 Lysandre (gust)

4 N (draw)

1 Startling Megaphone (discard)

2 Enhanced Hammer (discard)

1 Professor’s Letter (search)

2 Random Receiver (obtain)

1 Scramble Switch (switch)

4 Muscle Band (beatdown)

1 Escape Rope (switch)

2 Ultra Ball (search)

2 Max Potion (heal)

2 Switch (switch)

2 Pal Pad (reuse)

3 Fighting Stadium (beatdown)

Energy: 12

8 Fighting Energy
4 Strong Energy

Deck Review:

M Lucario EX: M Lucario Ex is used as a cleaner and to handle Pyroar.

Landorus: Landorus provides energy acceleration

Terrakion: Terrakion is used for revenge knock outs.

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