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  • Edgar the Quagsire

    9 36.00%
  • Ruby the Yanma

    1 4.00%
  • Refaror the Ekans

    0 0%
  • Spirit the Quilava

    3 12.00%
  • Natalya the Zorua

    7 28.00%
  • Jax the Archeops

    1 4.00%
  • Mishka the Braixen

    3 12.00%
  • Gallagher the Pignite

    1 4.00%
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    PMD Crossroads - Character Design Contest!

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Crossroads
    Character Design Contest

    The contest is now over! Congrats to Edgar and Natalya for placing 1st and 2nd and becoming our main characters!

    So, as any good story, we need a character to make the story about! We could have just left it to the person first in the rotation (meeeee), but where's the fun in that? So we're going to have a little contest!

    The goal of this contest is for people to create/design Pokemon characters for PMD Crossroads. TO be more specific, our main character. Since this IS going to be a PMD based comic, we're obviously going to have Pokemon-only characters. But what species and what their personalities are like are up to you!

    Rules and Guidelines

    - While not a hard-set rule, try to stick to basic Pokemon. Think to the PMD games- most of the playable Pokemon are smaller basic stage Pokemon with at least one evolution.

    - Accessories are fine! You just cannot attach any significance to them whatsoever- that's for the writers/artists to decide!

    - You may include a short description of the personality you envision- but again, no plot or history.

    - Try to stay close to the official designs of the Pokemon. By this, I mean no pidgeys with dragon wings. Things like reasonably different markings, spike locations, scars, etc. are perfectly acceptable.

    - All entries must have a drawn design posted.

    - Any entries not abiding by the rules will be disqualified.

    - The winner of the contest will be decided by popular vote.

    - Artists/Writers will be encouraged to use the runner-ups/other entries in the comic for other roles with the creator's permission. These roles are not guaranteed though!

    - Please direct any questions/concerns/comments regarding the contest to the General Discussion thread! Only contest entries should be posted here! Thanks!

    - Deadline to enter the contest is February 1st!

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    Here is my entry: Edgar the Quagsire.

    Neko edit for better viewing:

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    Okay, here's my entry; hope you guys like her!

    Ruby the yanma.

    She likes painting. She's not especially good at it (her 'paintings' are little more than scribbles), but does not care. To her they are masterpieces.
    She is generally outgoing and friendly toward other pokemon.
    She is very naive, but not stupid.
    Also very blunt; may be rude without realizing it (or, sometimes, without caring).
    Not very good at listening to directions.
    Has the bad luck (or the bad habit) of getting into dangerous situations.
    Like most yanma, she has lots of energy and is very skilled at flying.

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    Look I made a snake. His personality, name and the snippit of a background(Can be changed if writers would like) were determined by dice rolls. Basically he is a slithery slurry hissy kinda guy that wants to be something great and has a nasty attitude. It was difficult but I managed not to draw a hat on him. I always seem to draw hats on pokemon. Accessory wise I imagine he would wear a scarf or some other fabric type neck thing but as a snake his lack of arms makes anything like that impractical so I didn't include any here.


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    Look I made a character. He's a quilava. Yeah!
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    Done! She was a blast to make. :3

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    Jax the archeops he thinks off himself very highly and
    Thinks ge is super powerfull and cool. When in fact he is just an edgy teen. He jumps in to situations without thinking and gets himself in trubbel easely. He is a supriseingly Good fighter for hiss age though. I
    Know i have writen more off a Main antagonist minion/cool rival/main characters serius friend but
    IF you want you can vite for him as the Main protagonist

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    There is my entry for the character disign contest! :)
    I'm not used to PDM but I'll try my best! :3

    Mishka the Braixen!
    She always want to show to others that she's strong and selfconfident, but in reallity, she's very fearful and always attract problems.
    She use her stick to hit other pokémon heads when she's upset at them.
    She loves a lot her necklace because it's a stone with the same color as her eyes.
    She appears arrogant and other pokémon appreciate her with difficulty and on the other hand she feel lonely.
    She also likes jawelry :)

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    Gallagher the Pignite

    I am not at all familiar with the PMD series. So if this creation is out of place thats fine. His legs and armed have been slightly lenghtend.
    He is based on a biker. His ripped glove, backpack and headband are worn for convenience and a style.

    With all the rules and guidelines posted above I find it hard to say more than what you can see.

    Gallagher would be more of a free spirit. He would have more a happy demeanor and his activity level probably would manger his hunger.

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    Entries are now closed and voting is open! (Do try not to vote for your own entry, thanks!)

    Voting will close in THREE days. After that... well. I get to celebrate that I can work on a comic page without scripting!

    Best of luck to everyone and THANKS to everyone who made an entry!

    Edit: Let me rephrase the above. You cannot vote for yourself. Votes made for your own entry will not be counted. This is to prevent everyone voting for themselves as I've seen happen oh so many times in open voting.
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