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    Oberon Galactic

    GCEA Version: Team Galactic Diamon
    Points Earned From Posting:11
    Bonus Points Earned (Points from Sketch Book/Journal and In game Bonuses):175
    Total Points:186
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    Current Points:
    Trainer Name: Oberon

    Character Info

    Story Version: (Diamon)
    Name: Oberon
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Oberon is naturally bald from Alopecia. His loss of hair is only known by a few people as he wears wigs that were designed to be seamless. Oberon is slightly tanned. His hair was naturally dark brown when he was younger. Oberon is pretty clean cut. Preferring to iron his clothes and keep up his appearance. He is fit with a swimmers body shape. He has a Team Galactic Logo on him at all times. Though it goes unseen he had the inside of his lip pierced. The logo can only be seen with a black light. He is fit and strong for his size. To keep up with Knuckles he has had to adapt to lifting weights and while he is not as strong as Knuckles he is much faster.
    Height/Weight: 5'7" / 145 Pound.
    Personality: Oberon is calm, cool and collected. He is by nature a survivalist who was promoted for how quick he thinks on his feet. Oberon smiles a lot and appears to be joyful most of the time. Just below the surface, however, is a trainer who is constantly watching the happenings around him.

    Personal Traits that describe your character: Opportunist.
    Backstory: Oberon has no last because he was abandoned as a baby. His parents left him outside of a fire station and never looked back. Oberon has had many names because of the many times he has been adopted. However each time he was returned like unwanted groceries. When he was 14 he was thrown into juvenile detention for robbing a store to impress a girl. He ended up there many times until he was recruited to Team Galactic by Commander Mars. She helped Oberon earn his Team Galactic name, Oberon, which is a moon.
    1. Family: None. The closet people to him are Mars and Knuckles
    2. Pokemon experience: Oberon has helped free many pokemon for bad trainers and with his direct training under Mars. He has learned to battle. Though he normally becomes overconfident and until he learns to accept that others might be able to read him just as well he will have a weakness
    3. Past experience that has defined your character: Meeting Knuckles in Juvi. As it stood before he became a member of Team Galactic even his speed wasn't enough to get him away from the other kids in Juvi. One night the other kids held him down and beat him. He had escaped the holding area and because of that, the others hand to pay for his failed attempt. Before the damage got to bad Knuckles jumped in and fought off the kids to help him. Knuckles is a spirited brawler and since that day the two have looked over for each other.

    4. Special Talents: Oberon has two talents that he prides himself. Master disguise and very fast hands. Surviving on the streets was though but helped Oberon pick up the skills of a pickpocket. To go along with pickpocketing he also learned how to con people and with the help of Mars he was able to use his lack of hair and assorted wigs to play man characters.
    Special Pokemon: Oberon uses a Joltik as his partner. The little pokemon is able to sneak around unnoticed easily. He calls his Joltik, Silk as he couldnt think of a more original name. The two met when he was living the streets. He protects it and it helps him.
    Personal Goals: Right now moving up the ranks is his major goal.
    Pet Peeves: irrational behavior, emotional outburst, someone who needs to be seen at all times.
    Region: Sinnoh
    Favorite Pokemon: Kecleon and Zerora are two of his favorites because they are skilled at hidding
    Favorite Type: Dark

    What starter Pokemon: Piplup
    Drawing or Writing: Both
    Contest Starter: Snivy
    Side Notes: Oberon is the leader of the group and by the time the story starts he will have been leading his own group for over a year. Right now however the team is just Knuckles and him.

    Pokedex Info

    Pokemon In Party: (6/6)

    Litten (Oliver)(Points:5/5)(Type:Fire)

    Snivy (Snake)(Points:5/5)(Type: Grass)





    Partner Pokemon
    Silk (M)(5/5)

    Held Items
    --Pokeballs (x10)

    Heal Items
    --Potion (x10)
    -- Lemonade (Item Effect: Gives a +15 to heal a pokemon)(x0)

    Evolution Items

    Rare Items


    Battle Item/Hold Items

    Leveling Item

    Boxed Pokemon:
    Basic Pokemon

    First Stage

    Final Stage

    Captures/Evolution: (Points spent:-0)

    Evolution: (Points spent: -0)

    Leveling Up: (Points spent: -0)

    Temporary/Traded Away/Deceased: (Points:0)

    [u]Unlocked Pokemon/Gift/Free Pokemon: ()
    ---Litten (Points:5)(Type: Fire)(Starter Unlock)
    ---Snivy (Points:5)(Type: Grass)(Bday Pokemon)

    Achievements (-61)

    Jobs: (+160)
    ----Paycheck Week ()
    Week 7/26/19 (+160)


    Events: (+0)

    Prizes From Battles: (+0)

    Event Log:
    (Keep Track of daily events or things you want to remember)

    GCEA Journal:
    Entry:# Points:


    GCEA Sketch Book:
    Entry:# Points:
    Entry:#1 Points: 15

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    Oberon's Diamond Pokedex
    Full List of Pokemon (Full Pdex 3)(Caught 3)(Evolved 0)(Fully Evolved 0)


    Proud partner with @Pokemon Trainer Sarah


    Gible bite's Comic

    GCEA Trainer Links based on title characters

    ....GCEA Diamond/Platnium/ Blizard Blue/Platnium 2/ Pokemon Prism.......


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