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    Quick Plot Recap

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Crossroads
    Plot Thus Far

    Chapter One

    - Starts in Seaspire City. Natalya bumps into Edgar as he’s reading a city map.
    - Natalya introduces herself as the greatest prankster and questions Edgar about where he’s from.
    - Edgar reveals he’s from another dimension though Natalya does not immediately believe him.
    - A Goomy overhearing their conversation requests help, claiming that their friend was captured and a found ransom note said that in exchange for their friend they want to meet someone from another dimension.
    - Edgar is skeptical at but Natalya jumps in with a ‘What’s in it for us?”
    - Edgar seems ready to decline due to its fishiness when a Buizel comes after Natalya for causing trouble. It turns out Natalya owes the Buizel for some repairs for damage that she presumably caused.
    - She agrees for herself and Edgar to take on Goomy’s request in return for Goomy paying off what she owes and thus Edgar is unwillingly dragged along.
    - They make their way through the Weeping Woods in order to reach Twisted Cave. On the way they meet a strange Carnivine named Aurelio.
    - The two humor Aurelio and play with him until they reach Twisted Cave. When trying to continue on Aurelio becomes angry and makes them play one last game to get past him. Natalya tricks him and traps him underneath a fallen tree trunk.
    - Once in Twisted Cave, Natalya asks about Edgar’s origins. He explains that he is in the current dimension with hopes of joining the Crossroads Guild- an organization that seeks out and protects various dimensions from threats. He was on his way to the entrance exam when something happened.
    - Before he could explain what that something was Norkal (Accelgor) appears and Natalya tries to pick a fight.
    - Norkal and his partner, a scarred Shiny Ninetales, demand that Edgar hand over the Starcaller Crystal.
    - Edgar introduces the two to Natalya as two members of the Shadowlash Guild.
    - Edgar tells Natalya to run and find the kidnapped friend of Goomy while he stands his ground to fight Shadowlash.
    - Shadowlash pursues Natayla and she is saved from a fire attack by the Pokemon they were trying to save- Jangmo-o.
    - Natalya and Jangmo-o begin to flee but Natalya notices Edgar had stayed behind and returns to watch his fight with Shadowlash.
    - He loses the fight and both of them get captured.

    Chapter Two

    - Natalya and Edgar wake up in a cage. Edgar’s bag is missing.
    - Norkal and Ninetales discuss having half of the pieces needed to create the time key. Jangmo-o overhears and tries to escape to warn ‘the others’.
    - Norkal and Ninetales plot their attack on Guildmaster Ignis, the current holder of the Farseer’s Geode. Ninetales wants revenge for the scars he was given.
    - Jangmo-o hecks up and makes noise in his attempted escape and gets pursued by the Shadowlash members.
    - Jump over to Aurelio as he frees himself from under the branch, exhausted and worn out.
    - We get a brief flashback of Aurelio being defeated and trapped by Shadowlash as they discuss removing his last pieces of self control.
    - Back to the present Aurelio steps in and saves a very scared (of him) Jangmo-o from Shadowlash.
    - The Shadowlash members tell him to stand aside, calling him ‘another failed guardian’. When Aurelio does not they quickly strike him down.
    - Natalya and Edgar escape from their prison simply by breaking the poorly made bars.
    - Edgar tells Natalya about the Tree of Possibilities and its stem- The Crossroads.
    - The Shadowlash team decides to leave without pursuing the Jangmo-o or checking up on Edgar or Natalya. They take Edgar’s Starcaller crystal with them.
    - Edgar tells Natalya about the Starcaller Crystal and how it can jump to one dimension from another. He explains that Shadowlash is trying to get the four pieces of the Time Key and that in order to stop them he wishes to join the Crossroads Guild. Guildmaster Ignis has part of the key.
    - But he doesn’t know where the guild headquarters are. But Aurelio does! Aurelio says Ignis is a friend of his and offers to guide Edgar and Natalya to the guild.
    - The scene cuts to Rai the Rotom and Guildmaster Ignis the Volcarona, heads of the Crossroads Guild.
    - It is revealed to the readers (but not Edgar and Natalya) that Aurelio is one of the guardians of the Tree of Possibilities. It is implied that he is the only surviving guardian and has been missing for months, presumably from being attacked by the Shadowlash.
    - Aurelio introduces Edgar and Natalya to Guildmaster Ignis but uses the fake names Natalya gave him in the first chapter, Lois and Rusty.
    - Guilmaster Ignis remarks that Natalya looks like someone named Yggdra. He dismisses them without explaining what this means and requests Rai look into Yggdra's last mission.
    - Aurelio takes Edgar and Natalya to the mess hall where he leaves to fetch them some food.
    - Natalya takes the opportunity to use her illusions to transform into Rai in order to sneak around.
    - In the mean time, Edgar is introduced to Sable, a Diggersby whose right leg was recently bitten off by a Salamence. He explains that he will be joining their team under orders of Guildmaster Ignis.
    - Aurelio then returns with food for Edgar to eat.
    - Natalya is busted and forced to abandon her illusion by a Toucannon. The Toucannon remarks that Natalya looks exactly like Yggdra, but refuses to comment on what that means.
    - Rai looks into Yggdra's last mission and discovers that she was looking into the Tears of Fatewelding.

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