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    So I was going to have a super fancy introduction about myself, but then the forum decided to eat the post.

    It had bullet points and everything, gosh darn it! Gotta keep it PG

    So I guess I’ll just type this up quickly because I can’t bother spending hours doing this.

    Hi! I’m Purpl! I also like Pokémon, and I try to draw as a hobby. I’ve been wondering around on the forums for a little bit so I decided that I might as well make an account.

    I’m just going to stop it here, so have a good day! Or if it’s not day time then have good... meal I guess.

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    Hey there and nice to meet you Purpl! Welcome to PXR (officially now since you made an account). Ever rare now and then yeah there's an issue where posts won't go through. Sorry about that. :(. If you'd like you can always tell us more about yourself as you have the time. We're always open to listen and chat!

    Awesome! Another artist here that likes to draw! If you feel comfortable sharing them you totally should here at some point! We'd love to see any artwork others create here. I'm not that great at artwork myself, but I've been trying to teach myself.

    Either way, hope you find it enjoyable here as we do and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Can VM or PM me if you'd like to or just to chat! Hope you have an awesome one!

    The time is upon us...

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    Hi @Purpl, it's nice to meet you - Welcome to PXR!

    I'm excited to know that you enjoying drawing as a hobby! Feel free to share some works of yours here whenever you like. Everyone is super friendly and supportive of each other so don't feel shy. =)

    See you around the forum! o/

    - Keep trying - Keep smiling - Keep climbing -

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    Thank you! I don’t know if I’ll actually post anything art related, but I guess we’ll see? Either way I at least want to try to be active here.

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    Welcome to PXR, @Purpl! Sorry to hear that your first post didn't go through. :/ Please feel free to share your artwork on the forum! Have lots of fun here! :D

    Special thanks to Fate for this cute avatar and this cute banner! :D
    Special thanks to Ho-Oh for this awesome Chikorita GIF! :D

    Special thanks to The Foogle for this beautiful pixel Necrozma Dusk Mane! :D
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    ayy purnurple :3 epic

    welcome to PXR, enjoy your five-star stay!

    HUGE shoutout to Neo Emolga for the signature and Chakramaster for makin' it work!!

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    Hi there! Welcome to PXR! Hope to see you around more! Maybe you could post your drawings in the artist section? We'd love to see what you can do!
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