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GO Out for Armored Mewtwo and Team Rocket

Armoere mewtwo
Mewtwo is coming back to Raids with a brand new look!

Armored Mewtwo is going to be coming to Level 5 Raids. Though, that is only the tip of the iceberg as it seems like Team Rocket is on the horizon.

Armored Mewtwo

To tie in with the release of Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolutions in Japan, trainers in Pokemon GO will start seeing Armored Mewtwo in raids. This Mewtwo will be wearing the newly redesigned power suppression armor from the anime. Below are the details for when and how you can capture Armored Mewtwo.

Date + Time
* Armored Mewtwo will appear in five-star raids from July 10 at 1:00 p.m. PDT to July 31 at 1 p.m. PDT

Below is a video introducing Armored Mewtwo.

It is unsure what else makes this Mewtwo special. This could be simply a cosmetic change or perhaps it will have a special move. Either way, expect to see Armored Mewtwo hit raids soon!

Team Rocket in Pokemon GO

Rocket Balloon
There have been several sightings of Team Rocket in many Pokemon GO events. Though, those who are at Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund may have spotted the biggest one. That is because Niantic are flying a Team Rocket hot air balloon.

Players have reported seeing a black balloon with a large red R on it. This tease has gotten players in a frenzy on what this could mean for Pokemon GO.

Below is a video of the Team Rocket hot air balloon.

This is one of many teases that Niantic and Pokemon GO has made for Team Rocket. The first of the Team Rocket teases happened at Pokemon GO Fest Chicago. Several players reported that they had their Pokemon GO Snapshot pictures were photobombed by Team Rocket members. The event had then ended with a massive “stress test raid” which all had Meowth as a raid boss.

The next Team Rocket sighting happen on the 3rd anniversary image which had Team Rocket hiding behind a tree. They are hard to see but if you look on the right side of the image then you can spot two Rocket grunts.

There have been reports from Pokemon GO data mines that Team Rocket will make an appearance in Pokemon GO. It sounds like this is only the beginning of what will be a big event. It is unsure if Armored Mewtwo will be part of this event. Either way, expect to see some big things happening in Pokemon GO regarding Team Rocket.

Happy catching!

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