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Happy First Anniversary! GO Cast!

GO Cast
Time for the anniversary of a cast that is always on the go!

It all began a year ago on July 1st, 2018. Chris went to his wife and said that he wanted to make a Pokemon GO podcast along side with his friend Kyle. They had no idea on how to make a podcast but there were dreams to go to Pokemon GO Fest. The Pokemon GO celebration was happening in their backyard and they wanted to go while making a podcast. It was this one goal that has set them up for a year of Pokemon GO fun while recapping it on their own podcast called GoCast.

And it is the idea of goals that push Chris, Kyle and Ness each week from episode to episode. Sometimes Kyle and Ness don’t want to make their goals. There are times that Chris doesn’t reach his goals. In the end, they want to push other players to keep trying to reach their goals. After all, they want to see everybody become better Pokemon GO trainers. Also, you can’t spell goals without go.

GoCast may be one of the youngest out of the Pokemon GO podcasts but they have grown a lot. They have had plenty of guests and rubbed a lot of elbows inside and outside the Pokemon GO Podcast community. That is amazing to hear! Especially because these guys are one of my personal favorites when it comes to Pokemon GO podcasts. It is with great honor that I get to feature them for their one year anniversary!

As part of this honor and feature, we decided to reach out to Chris from GoCast to get their top five episodes. Some of these are oldies but goodies. Others are recently good and promise to give you a great listen. Either way, we promise that you will love these episodes as a new or old listener. If you are new then go ahead and give these episodes a listen. If you are old then take a few hours to relive the good times. Meanwhile, enjoy some commentary from Chris about why he love these episodes!

Episode 3 – GO Fest 2018
This was our first event together as a team! It was so exciting to set up a remote recording for the first time. This is also the only time our phantom fourth co-host, Alex, has been on the show.
Episode 9 – Miltank At the Gazebo
Aside from a hilarious name, we began to really relax and have fun on this episode. It showed with our first spike in downloads!
Episode 24 – Salads For Everybody
Inviting hosts from other shows as a guest is always a great time! We’ve had quite a few folks on our show but none are as rambunctious and funny as Charles McFall.
   While this is our second time having Reversal on, this time was special. We booked him as a guest 2 hours prior when he offered his free time up on Twitter. Everything just worked out so well.
Episode 49 – A Governance of Nosepass
For reasons known to the familiar listener: Nosepass.

Congratulations to Chris, Kyle and Ness as they celebrate one year on the podcast airwaves with GoCast! Make sure to congratulate these podcasters on such an achievement! Hit them up on Twitter at @GoCastPodcast and make sure to leave them a review on Apple Podcast!

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