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Happy Four Years to Pikapi Podcast!

Pikapi Podcast
Four years ago on April 1st, Mako set out to make the best Pokemon anime podcast like no other podcast ever was. To review them was her real test! To fangirl was her cause! She travel across the internet, researching far and wide! Each Pokemon episode to understand the meaning that was inside!

And that is how the Pikapi Podcast started! Mako has recorded 193 episodes which has covered many anime episodes, three movies and countless specials. Each podcast episode goes one episode of the anime and Mako tackles each one as they come. May it be a movie, special or episode. There is even her annual 12 Days of Christmas where she goes into overtime and produce podcast episodes as a holiday treat complete with special Pokemon anime holiday tunes!

Her podcast episodes are not only entertaining but informative as you learn about the Japanese culture that was found in the early episodes of the anime. You will also find out about several episodes that were banned in Korea. And trust me, there are lots of banned episodes in Korea.

Join us as we wish Mako a happy four year anniversary! Below we have five podcast episodes that Mako has personally picked! Mako even provides some commentary as to why she recommended these episodes.

Episode 18: Swimsuits for everybody (Beauty and the Beach)- The first time Gary meets Ash’s friends, infamous bikinis and general craziness. Also, Professor Oak in a Hawaiian shirt.

Episode 24: Sabrina The Teenage Witch- Sabrina is my favorite Kanto gym leader, quite possibly my favorite gym leader of all time. This episode is also the first time I really started to like Pikachu, I think it’s a turning point in his relationship with Ash.

Movie Episode One: Mewtwo Beats Up Everybody- I love all the movie episodes, but this one had some awesome jokes. And it’s a very emotional movie. So far, it’s been the longest episode to produce: in addition to watching the movie several times, it took four hours to research and write up the notes, about three hours to record, and another four hours to edit and upload.

Episode 105: A Long- Awaited Reconciliation- Ash and Charizard, working stuff out. While I get emotional.

Episode 136: Meeting our Therapist- I love Chikorita, from her stubborn, loner, gotta win personality to her futile crush on her trainer. I think she brought so much to the show.


So make sure to take a listen to these episodes and find out why Mako choose these! And wish her and the Pikapi Podcast a happy anniversary!

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