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Hidden Ability Samurott Event Now Live!


The Wi-Fi distribution of a Samurott with its Hidden Ability Shell Armor is now live in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Fans with a copy of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire can download this event Pokemon. To download Samurott, go to Mystery Gift, receive gift by code and enter the code POKEMON503.

In North America, unique one-use codes are being distributed by Trainer Club newsletter. Sign up for the Pokemon Trainer Club and make sure you have elected to receive newsletter emails ASAP to receive your code. The codes have not yet been distributed at the time of writing.

This event follows on from the Contrary Serperior (Code: POKEMON497) and Reckless Emboar (Code: POKEMON500) which are still available in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

All three Unova starters with their Hidden Abilities will be available to download until November 30th, this year.

Update! The Samurott event is now live in the US, using the code POKEMON503.

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