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Hints of Gen3 in Pokemon GO

Gen3 Hints
Generation 3 coming to Pokemon GO?

An advertisement in the Apple App Store has given a hint concerning Generation 3 coming to Pokemon GO. This advertisement can be found in the App Store in Germany, Spain, Denmark, France and Netherlands.

Those who can see the advertisement will be greeted with images of Treeko, Torchic and Mudkip. It has a caption above it that sounds like it would be more appropriate for Halloween.

Once again, it seems like the App Store is giving us a hint on what to come in Pokemon GO. The last time the App Store did an advertisement for Pokemon GO, it hinted that Duskull and other Hoenn Ghost types will be in the this year’s Halloween Event.

It is also worth nothing that Niantic did state that Generation 3 would be coming by the end of the year. So this would match what was previous stated.

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Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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