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Japan to Host Pokemon Day Vote

Pokemon Day Vote
Ready to vote for your favorite Pokemon?

Then get ready to tweet using some Japanese! Because Pokemon is hosting a Pokemon popularity contest for Pokemon Day in Japan!


In order to vote for your favorite Pokemon on Twitter for the Pokemon Day Popularity contest then all you need to do is use a hashtag. This hashtag has to include your favorite Pokemon name using Japanese katakana follow by にきめた (To decide, vote).

For example, you will use #リザードンにきめた if you wanted to vote for Charizard. Charizard in katakana is リザードン with にきめた to vote. If you do that then your vote will be counted for your favorite Pokemon.

What is even better is that you can see who are the current top 30 Pokemon in the poll. All you will need to do is click here to visit the Japanese Pokemon Day popularity site and scroll down. Once you do then you can see the top thirty Pokemon who are in the lead.

The top thirty Pokemon are constantly changing. Currently in the lead is Buzzwole follow by Calyrex with Pikachu in third. There are almost over 12,000 votes with more pouring in by the second!

Make sure to vote now to support your favorite Pokemon!

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