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Japan McDonalds releases Pikachu McFlurry

Pikacuh McFlurry

A special Pikachu-inspired McFlurry has been released.

The newest iteration of the sweet treat came after it won a contest commemorating the twentieth-anniversary movie’s release in which fans were asked to pick from different flavors representing different Pokemon, and Pikachu’s chocolate covered Banana was the obvious winner.

The others in contention were a Sweet Potato one for Gengar, a Broccoli for Bulbasaur, Habanero Pepper for Charmander, while Ramune represents Squirtle, and a white Peach flavored one for Jigglypuff.

While some of the other flavors sound interesting, others also sound quite unpleasant. It makes one wonder whether the Pikachu one was made to be the best in the first place, given that Pikachu is the mascot for the franchise anyway. Sadly, the special flavor is currently only available in Japan. That said, would you pick up the treat if it was headed stateside?

Source: Polygon



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