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Katy Perry Drops Hint for Electric #Pokemon25

Electric hint
Do you feel the electricity in the air?

That is your excitement for the Pokemon x Katy Perry collaboration that is coming soon!

As part of the Pokemon 25th anniversary, Pokemon has gotten together with Katy Perry and many other hit artist. All with the purpose to create a hit playlist of amazing music. Things have been quiet since February but it looks as if you can hear the first original big hit on the playlist soon. Especially if Katy Perry is dropping hints with her latest playlist.

Below is a playlist that a fan saw Katy Perry drop on Monday afternoon.

This playlist seems to be a cryptic message. If you look at the first letter for each song, it spells out the following: ELECTRIC SOON.

Though, if you need it to be said then Katy Perry herself said it best.

You can now pre-save Katy Parry’s Electric today. Simply click here!

We hope that you will find a spark with this new hit single and the start of an epic #Pokemon25 party playlist.

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