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Is That…Kecleon in Pokemon GO?

And finally out of hiding!

It’s Kecleon! In Pokemon GO! As you can now find this little lizard in Pokemon GO! The last of the Pokemon from the Hoenn region can now be captured in Pokemon GO!

How Do You Find Kecleon?

Kecleon is famous for being a tricky Pokemon to find. After all, it can change it’s color to blend into it’s environment. Sometimes even in your way as you travel about. So how does Pokemon GO includes Kecleon’s sneaky hiding?

By making it hide at PokeStops!

You may find yourself at a PokeStop to spin the disc. Except…you can’t spin the stop! That is because once again Kecleon is in your way! Preventing you from spinning the PokeStop.

All you need to do is interact with Kecleon and then it will get off the PokeStop and get on the map. From there you will be able to capture Kecleon.

Now, Kecleon seems pretty rare in Pokemon GO. Have you found one yet? Let us know!

Source: Pokemon GO Blog

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