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A Legendary Event has begun in Pokémon Masters

Giovanni and Mewtwo are waiting for you!

The first Legendary Event has begun in Pokémon Masters. This event, the Lurking Shadow event, features a storyline that lets you get the Sync Pair of Giovanni & Mewtwo by playing through stages and collecting Custom Vouchers which can be used to unlock Giovanni as well as increase Mewtwo’s potential. You’ll need at least 800 of these vouchers for a chance to get this duo. Play through various single player and co-op stages at varying difficulties to get these vouchers as well as other items that will help boost the strength of your pair if you manage to obtain them.

Giovanni and Mewtwo are a five star strike class pair. Mewtwo is a psychic type with a weakness to dark types, making Grimsley, Nanu, and Karen popular counters to it. It has the passive skill Power Reserves 2 which powers up moves in a pinch. Similar to Grimsley’s Liepard, Mewtwo gets three attacking moves: Confusion, Psychic, and Shadow Ball. Giovanni also provides the move, Nowhere to Hiide!, which raises the user’s evasiveness and sharply raises the user’s critical hit rate. Their sync move is World Domination Psystrike which has a max power of 300.

Giovanni gets access to all of this in your battles against him during this event. In addition, however, he gets access to several other moves such as Thunder, Blizzard, and Fire Blast in the higher difficulty fights. Giovanni also has an additional move in these fights that raises the special attack, special defense, and critical rate of Mewtwo and its allies. It is recommended that you have Grimsley ready with Snatch or Brycen ready with Haze in order to counter this powerhouse. Best of luck trainers, Giovanni is one tough opponent.

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