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Lin-Manuel Miranda Receive Pokemon Cards for Birthday

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Though, not the way you think.

Perhaps you know Lin-Manuel Miranda for his various works. This man is non-stop when it comes to being in things. From Ducktales (2017), Hamilton, In the Heights or his latest work in Encanto. Though, this guy also a person and recently Miranda celebrated his 42th birthday.

Miranda turned 42 on January 16th and must have received many different presents from family and love ones. Though, he received one Pokemon related present from his son.

About the Gift

On Twitter, Miranda tweeted the gift that his son gave him. As you can see below, Miranda’s son gave his father some custom made Pokemon cards of the family dogs. Miranda’s son also made a Bruno (from Encanto) Support card. We don’t talk about Bruno, no no no.

The Bruno Supporter card is currently Miranda’s Twitter profile image.

Happy belated birthday to Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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