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Listener Feedback: From Dittos to Makers and Beyond! #PPAmonth2019

Listener Feedback
We have it all in our final Listener Feedback.

There are so many different types of podcasts and it is shown in the fans. That is why it is my honor to bring you the final Listener Feedback for Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month of 2021.

This Listener Feedback is filled with many diverse podcasts from ranking to Pokemon Trading Card Game to just talking about them. Today’s feature has fans from Daycare Dittos, FlowTKast, PokeMakers, and Champs in the Making.

With that said, let us take a look some listener feedback.

About Daycare Dittos

Daycare Dittos
Daycare Dittos is brought to you by Pere, Sara and Dave who have one dream.

To bring you Professor Oak style of lab lectures.

Are they serious about it?

Serious about letting you learn more about your favorite Pokemon. Or their favorite Pokemon. Each episode this trio brings you another feature Pokemon family. May it be via the art of comedy or just pure love. You will surely leave each episode with learning something new.

To start us off, we have Jakob W. to talk about why they love Daycare Dittos.

Jakob W. Says

What do you love about Daycare Dittos?
The format is simple yet expansive.

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
The time they read Destructoid’s poem about Ekans.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
Y’all better talk about how awesome the Snorunt line is.


Here is a fine example of Daycare Dittos. The format may be simple but it is effective in bringing you the best of each Pokemon. Surely an art in masterful learning.

Let us now move along to talk about FlowTKast.

About FlowTKast

What happens when you bring some military veterans who are like brothers. Give them the Pokemon TCG and a mic. Plus an internet filled with Pokemon personalities?

You get the FlowTKast by Scott and Stephen.

Scott and Stephen bring you the best of the Pokemon TCG by having the best of the Pokemon TCG. Now, best does not always mean the best players. Sometimes it is just people who have the best hearts. After all, it takes the best of hearts to bring focus on Mental Health Issues. That is the type of heart you can expect when you tune into the FlowTKast. When you have a heart like that then people sure do gather.

Let us hear from Stephen M. to hear what they love about FlowTKast.

Stephen M. Says

What do you love about FlowTKast?
They let it fly, and generally have such a great time!

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
Bringing on big names in the competitive Pokémon world.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
They’re incredible and help a lot of people.


There are surely a lot of wonderful guests when it comes to the FlowTKast. You have people such as The SAbleyes, HegsterTCG, Joe Bernard of OmniPoke and more! They really do know how to flow in some amazing people to their podcast.

Our next piece of Listener Feedback comes for PokeMakers.

About PokeMakers

Welcome Professor Fierce and Professor Fierce as they bring to you to the world of PokeMakers!

But you can just call them Alex and JD. Together along with some friends they plan to make a brand new region. You can find all kinds of new gym leaders, cities and Pokemon. All created by minds of PokeMakers.

If you love fan made Pokemon and ideas then this is your podcast. Currently they are working on their first region, Olcea. The region may be the polar opposite of each other. Though, with their fancy compass and types that can change on the battlefield then you will never lose your way.

Now, let us here from Kayla D. to hear what they love about PokeMakers.

Kayla D. Says

What do you love about PokeMakers?
They work so hard but the love and true happiness for their creation is there.

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
-No response given-

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
-No response given-


That is right Kayla. You can really feel the love that Alex and JD bring to each Pokemon they create. They put so much thought into the Pokemon or whatever they are creating. Not only to keep it balance but also have the feel that any Pokemon game should have.

And the same goes for their guests.

Our final piece of listener feedback comes for Champs in the Making.

About Champs in the Making

Champs in the Making

That is exactly what you will hear for each episode of Champs in the Making. This podcast has a rotating cast with many different pronouns. Though, their overall goal is the same. They want to rank each and every Pokemon.

On what merit? Whatever merit they want to use. May it be by looks or if they can lift a weight. Maybe it is who they want to see standing by the fridge at 3AM. It all depends on who is around the microphone.

And that is Champs in the Making.

Now, we have Andrew S. to talk about why they love Champs in the Making.

Kayla D. Says

What do you love about Champs in the Making?
It’s a very fun, high-energy Pokemon podcast trying to find the best Pokemon of all time.

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
The energy they had wailing on Ambipom in the first episode that kept through to other episodes.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
You were wrong to take out Octillery!

Energy. That is the best way to describe Champs in the Making. No matter who is on the episode, they all bring in a unique kind of energy that will put a smile on your face. Why? That is a really good question. Either way, you will just find yourself coming back each and every episode.

Thank you to everybody who left a response for Daycare Dittos, FlowTKast, PokeMakers and Champs in the Making. You are all amazing and glad that you took the time to send in some feedback for these amazing podcasts.

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