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Manga News: April 2014

Manga news

Starting this month, PXR will feature a monthly column to highlight the Pokemon Adventures manga release from Viz Media under the Perfect Square brand. During this feature, we will also make note of future release dates and volume covers that have been revealed.

This month will not feature any new Pokemon Adventures releases. Meanwhile, a return to Kanto is in store for readers in the near future. Click below to take a look at some of the latest news involving the Pokemon Adventures manga!

April Releases: None

April News

Pokemon Adventures Volume 23: FireRed and LeafGreen Volume Cover Reveal
Volume 23 coverThe volume cover for the start of the FireRed and LeafGreen Chapter has finally been revealed. This is pretty much the same as the Japanese volume where it features Red and Pika along with Attack and Defense form Deoxys. This volume will start off the return to Kanto with a new Team Rocket plot and foe. It will start right after the conclusion of the Ruby and Sapphire Chapter. Below is the synopsis.

Just as Green is about to meet her long-lost parents, they are sucked into a vortex created by a mysterious Pokemon! Red and Blue want to help, but first they must improve their battle skills. Then, the Three Beasts of Team Rocket are up to their old tricks again!

Which former enemy will unexpectedly come to our friends’ aid…?

Release date for July 1st, 2014

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Pokemon Adventures Volume 24: FireRed and LeafGreen Listing and Release Date
The release date for the second volume for the FRLG story has been revealed. It will be release on September, 2nd 2014.

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Come back next month for more Pokemon Adventures news!

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