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Mega Evolutions: A Quick Look at the Fan Response


Mega Evolutions was one of the most unexpected announcements from Game Freak in all of the X and Y Pokémon hype. Such an out of the ballpark idea was seen as either too good to be true, or too out of place to be real. To a very mixed feeling fan base, more news about them began to come pouring out of websites and thus, its legitimacy seemed very solid. Mega Evolutions were here to stay and it is clear there has been a huge response from the yes and no side of the spectrum. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest points after a quick recap of what we know of Mega Evolution:

Mega Evolution is not an evolution at all, but rather a temporary form changed caused in-battle while holding an item called the Mega-Stone. The origins of Mega Evolution are still unclear to us, as many speculate it could be the doings of Team Flare, or just a way for Game Freak to keep Pokémon fans, new and old, interested in the game. Only a handful of Pokémon have these Mega Evolutions.


Positive Responses:

Fans for the Mega Evolutions are glad to see a new fresh look to things, as Mega Evolutions could change the way Pokémon are looked at, and even the Metagame. This seems to be giving the chance for Pokémon that weren’t commonly used, or ones that weren’t as strong a larger buff in stats and ability changes to keep up with the big boys and girls of Pokémon. Many are happy to see something new and are happy with the designs, wondering who is in the running for these odd and special Mega Evolutions. Hopes and rumors for Mega Evolutions include Houndoom, Aggron, Medicham, Banette, Pinsir and Jynx. Aside from the Pokémon already confirmed to have them, no one will know for sure what the future holds until more information is updated.


Negative Reponses:

Fans against Mega Evolutions first cried out that they were far too similar to Pokémon’s rival [or often seen as a rival] franchise, Digimon. Ever since both of those came into existence, they have been compared back and forth for Digimon copying Pokémon. Now it seems the roles have reversed and many are unhappy with the likeness in Game Freak copying Digimon. Some fans also think that some of the designs are ‘lazy’ and the idea of Mega Evolution is out of place. A fan term has even come up to replace the name of Mega Evolution, called ‘Awakened Forms’ due to the fact that Mega Evolutions are not true evolutions and are not permanent. Other reasons for the dislike of Mega Evolutions comes from fans believing that Game Freak could have taken another direction with something new in Pokémon, simply thinking ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and or how the concept doesn’t make a lot of sense.


Many questions are left unanswered on both sides as people shift from liking to not liking Mega Evolutions and vice versa: How will Game Freak explain them in-game? What does this mean for the Competitive Battling fan base? How many other Pokémon will get these new forms? Many other questions will no doubt arise as more information on them comes as it comes. For now, many fans will discuss and debate their feelings and opinions about it until the fateful release date of the still much anticipated, Pokémon X and Y.


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