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A Mega Update Coming To Pokémon GO

Mega Pokémon have been less than exciting, until now!

This just in, Mega Raids and Mega Pokémon are getting a complete overhaul. I think we can all agree that the introduction of Megas in Pokémon GO, was exciting in theory, but very lackluster in execution. The Raids were more difficult than they should have been, and the rewards for Mega Evolving were very…blah! The Street Team of influencers and community leaders, were able to give suggestions to the Dev Teams and now, we have a look at the exciting changes coming to Mega Evolution!

Mega Levels

Much like your buddy or your friends, your Pokémon will have a level that you can raise, depending on how many times you have Mega Evolved it. With these levels, come extra perks, such as incresed Candy XL, increased XP, and a decreased cool down before Mega Evolving again. This is in addition to the increased Candy and increased damage in Raids that already exist.

One other great feature is that once you spend Mega Energy to Evolve your Pokémon, you will not need to spend any more to Mega Evolve it again. So make sure you have chosen the best Pokémon to spend your Mega Energy on. That way you won’t need to waste any to Mega Evolve again. But what are you going to do with all that extra Mega Energy you racked up? You can use that to reduce cool down times. Which may come in handy for those GO Tour or GO Fest events.

Also, we have word that Mega Raids Bosses will be easier to take down. What this looks like exactly is yet to be known, but I feel a group of 3 skilled trainers should be able to finish the Raid with ease. Possibly like a really hard 3-Star Raid. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

The latest entry in the Dev Diaries series explains all the new features so be sure to check it out.

From the (Data) Mines

Expert Pokémon Data Miners @poke_miners have uncovered tentative info on what perks may be rewarded for each mega level. There will be four levels: Level 0, Base Level, High Level, and Max Level. Each one will activate more perks for you to take advantage of as you continue to Mega Evolve you Pokémon. Please note that anything found in the code before launch is subject to change without notice.

See you around, Genesect!

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