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Mewtwo Be Ballin’ with LeBron!

mewtwo be ballin
Can Mewtwo ball with Lebron James?

That is the question that Stephen Smith was asked on his show recently. Recently, Stephen Smith has been asked Pokemon related questions and recently he was asked if Mewtwo could beat Lebron James in a game of basketball.

Below is the tweet with Stephen’s response to the question.

Stephen is no Pokemon expert but he does a great job in taking Mewtwo’s stats. He went ahead and translate them to the ability to b-ball. From there Stephen had a ball to see if Mewtwo can beat the famous Lebron James in basketcall.

And the answer is yes. Who knew that bring pressure to the game could take you so far.

Fan Responses

Of course Pokemon fans came out and in some of the best ways on Twitter (currently known as X). Below is a post from KolsanArt showing Mewtwo’s ability on the court against Lebron.

JJeanlll is showing us that Mewtwo can dunk too!

Stephen has a future in voicing the Pokedex. At least Tahk0 thinks so.

Still, if you want a meme then DGSEZN has one for you.

At least we know that Mewtwo can ball.

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