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Mewtwo Sea is Open for Exploration!

Check out all these new updates!

The latest sea has opened for exploration in Pokémon Rumble Rush! This event is focused on an island based around Mewtwo and contains various new Pokémon, new Gears and more. It runs for two weeks, until December 11th. As always, four new gears have been introduced for you to collect: First Impression (Farfetch’d), Psycho Cut (Slowpoke),
First Impression (Golisopod), and Psycho Cut (Mewtwo). Just like previous seas, you can use the Pokémon and Gears you’ve collected from previous islands to help you through this sea as well. There are a spread of fire, bug, poison, water, and psychic types for you to collect, with Mewtwo being available if you can find it.

This new update also adds a plethora of UI improvements as well. It introduces a new Welcome pack where every day you will get a Welcome Ore that contains various Ore as well as 30,000 Coins. Day 1 is Ho-Oh, Day 2 is Lugia, Day 3 is Frogadier, Day 5 is Greninja and Day 7 is Mewtwo. They are also adding Pokémon Power Gears that can be used to enhance your Pokémon and Style Power Gears which cause damage to change. It adds DPS and max damage to battles with Superbosses to see the amount of damage you inflict in it. They have altered the game to make ore drop more. Finally they have added bundles for 4,000 and 7,000 Poké Diamonds.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get exploring!

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