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It’s Mr. Mime Dance Time!

Check out the hottest dancer on the dance floor at the Pokemon Center!

The Pokemon Center has introduced a new collection called “Mr. Mime Dance Time”! Focused on the classic psychic/fairy type itself, it is a five piece set that features a few other Pokemon too. The first item is an adult sized hoodie that features three different Mr. Mimes on the front while it has Mr. Mime with a Mime Jr. and Pikachu on the back. It also features a clear 27 ounce bottle with multiple Mr. Mimes as well as Pikachu and Mime Jr. For the TCG fans there’s a binder and playmat with the Mr. Mime, Pikachu, and Mime Jr. trio. Then, to bring it all together, there’s a four pack of different Mr. Mime poses as it shreds on the dance floor. So what are you waiting for? Bring this clown home today!

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