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Mythical and Legendary Encounters Await You in Sinnoh!

BDSP Legendary
You can expect plenty of Legendary Encounters and Mythical Events this weekend!
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl is coming this Friday! Are you excited? You better be because there are plenty of amazing Pokemon you will get the chance to meet! From Mythical Pokemon to Legendary Pokemon! This will be the first time that you could encounter them in a brand new way!

Mythical Pokemon Await You!

If you have been played Pokemon on you Switch in the past then Mythical Pokemon are in your future! That is because you could add a Mythical Pokemon to your journey in the Sinnoh region.

Get Jirachi!
If you have save data from Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield on your Switch then you could encounter Jirachi.

Once you arrive to Floaroma Town, look for a certain gentleman. This gentleman will be located in the southwest end of Floaroma Town. He will notice that you have seen a Wishing Star. After this brief conversation, he will give you a Jirachi.

It is interesting that this gentleman will give you a Jirachi for seeing a Wishing Star. After all, both Jirachi and the Wishing Star help grant wishes. It is an interesting tie and reference to Galar, the feature region of Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield.

Get Mew!
If you Switch contain save data from Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! then you could get a Mew!

Look for a madame in Floaroma Town right next to a gentleman. She will be found in the southwest flower field of Floaroma Town. This madame will ask if you will like to go on an adventure with a certain Pokemon. That certain Pokemon just so happen to be Mew!

This little tie in and reference to Let’s Go is a little bit…hit and go but pretty funny to get a Mew to join you on your adventures in Sinnoh. This just so happen to be the second time that Mew has been distributed in the last few years.

Legendary Pokemon Are Slated to Come Your Way!

Ramanas Park
If you want a chance to meet some Legendary Pokemon then make your way to Ramanas Park! You can find Ramanas Park on Route 221 along with many other mysterious secerts.

Ramanas Park is a brand new area featuring many rooms. In each room, you will be able to insert a slate into it’s corresponding pedestal. Once you do that then a Legendary Pokemon will be summoned.

Currently, there is no word on how you can find these Slates. You will have to look far and wide in the Sinnoh region to find these slates. Though, long time Pokemon fans may notice that these Slates look quite similar to gaming devices of the past.

It is also worth noting that Ramanas Park is in the same location of Pal Park from the original Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl games.

Depending on your game, you may encounter certain Pokemon. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, it’s possible to encounter Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Ho-Oh.

Meanwhile, in Pokémon Shining Pearl, it’s possible to encounter Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia.

Below is a trailer for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl!

I hope you are all excited for these games! Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl will be release this Friday, November 19th, 2021.

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