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Nameplate Madness at Pokemon!

Somebody at Pokemon got some new nameplates!

Spring is the time for new beginnings! In this case, many people at the Pokemon Company International got new nameplates for their work area! Today we are going to share some of their reactions to their new nameplates!

Above we have Kyle Sucevich (AKA Pooka) who takes care of the Pokemon TCG part of the website and commentates the TCG matches that are streamed. He is always working hard for anything TCG related on the Pokemon website. Kyle does plenty of commentary which may be while Chatot is featured on his nameplate!

Next up is Scott Glaza with Kingdra on his nameplate! Scott was once a top VGC player with many Regionals under his belt. He has even commentate VGC matches. It seems as if Scott is enjoying his new nameplate with Kingdra who helped him plenty of times at Worlds many years ago.

Also, Scott has some pretty awesome pins from past Worlds. They look great with his nameplate.

We have a tweet from Holly Bowen and her amazing Grovyle nameplate. This editor loves Treeko which explains why she went for Grovyle. You can tell that Holly is a collector with all her little Treeko trinkets. That is perfect because they match Holly’s new Grovyle nameplate! Having a Pokemon made nameplate with a Grovyle is an awesome edition to anybody’s Pokemon collection!

Lastly, we have Daniel from the Stream Team who had his nameplate replaced. His old one featured Braixen but Daniel figured it was time for a new one with his new favorite Pokemon. Golisopod!

We can tell from Daniel’s tweet that the employees can actually choose the Pokemon that is on their nameplates. Now, if that Pokemon ends up on their nameplate is a different story. Especially if somebody with seniority beats you to the punch. Luckily for Daniel, he got exactly the Pokemon that he wanted. That is great because all those Golisopod TCG cards and plush match Daniel’s new nameplate.

Those new nameplates that Pokemon gave to their employee’s look amazing! If we spot anymore new ones then perhaps we can show them off! Either way, the ones who got their new nameplates love them and we sure do as well! Which Pokemon would you love to have on your nameplate if you ever have the chance to get one? Let us know in the comments!

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