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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep12 30JUL2017 – 06AUG2017



Looking at what’s new on DeviantArt to poke fun at today! You can’t get away from me, my pretties!

Because I have yet to be caught in the act poking fun at these people’s art, the train happily chugs on as always! And no, I don’t feel guilty about it either. >:3

Pokemon 17th Scribble Challenge by TrainerAshandRed35

See, whenever I see such a happy picture like this, my personal dark side starts clicking into action and I think about this in all the wrong ways. Terrible, horrific ways. I guess it doesn’t help I just watched Logan last night and those who have seen it know how bloody that flick gets!

It’s a sweet picture, I’ll leave it at that and not mention all the possible… dark, terrible, but oddly hilarious nasty things Ash and Pikachu could be smiling and waving at. Nothing like tanks, zombies, robot armies, waves of city-devouring creamy pudding…

Blue/Green – Pokemon Adventures by AmyThunderbolt

See, this one is just outright hilarious considering how this gal looks GREAT, but this laughably has absolutely diddly-do-squat to do with Pokémon. And yes, that’s EXACTLY why I’m featuring it anyway! Is this a cosplay? I don’t even know.

So who wants waffles?

*Insert who’s that Pokemon thing here* by CNeko-chan

People, I’m NOT making this up! THIS is the stuff I get when I put into “Popular One Week” and “Pokemon” into the search. And yeah, I don’t get it either. Coming across this is like finding out the water in the toilet mysteriously turned purple and the toilet is somehow playing “Wish Upon a Star” from questionable places.

I don’t know about you, but IMMUNITY HOODED CHIBI NEKO POTATO doesn’t look all that thrilled to be wearing that cat onesie/straightjacket combo. He/she looks like they had to work late last night, wake up early, and this is all they got up for.

Pokemon Team by Lighane

Woo-hoo, actual Pokémon stuff again!

Okay, this is pretty awesome. I mean there’s no way I could make art like this with markers. Not to mention the ones I have probably dried up dead years ago. But even if they did work, it would probably be all funky and blotchy and I’d make someone’s head look big like a bloated Beedrill stung them in the head fifty times and then put it into a grease fire. I guess the only funny thing is how the Vaporeon is standing between the gal’s legs like she’s about to pony up on old’ Vap and going riding all over town.

Pokemon GO Party V by MeganCoffey

I see something like this and can’t help but laugh at how disproportionate the sizes of the Cubone and the Dragonite are. Plushies are hilarious for that. You’d think the toughest, burliest battling Pokémon are just tiny, sweetcake softies if you didn’t know any better from looking at these goofy, fluffy things. The MVP award goes to Krookodile in the back there, just giving us the evil eye. I SEE YOU! Don’t think you’re going to get away with it!

And this gal has a really nice backyard. See, that’s a great place to catch Pokémon, although I’ll admit I’ve been able to do it without getting out of bed. Also, is it wrong for me to feel cozy with how much older Pokémon trainers and cosplays are beginning to look? It’s fantastic.

This is your local, psychotic, crazy flying squirrel, signing off! Remember, it’s only embarrassing if you feel embarrassed! So strap on that Hatsune Miku wig, wear a pink tutu, and go skipping and throwing confetti all over town!

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