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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep17 04SEP2017 – 10SEP2017


Take a break from the apocalypse with an all new episode of NEMM!

It’s the season for jackets! And if you didn’t get that tan you wanted, well, here’s to looking pristine in two-thousand eighteen!

It’s a NEEM Special! MilliganVick’s Misty Madness! So if you really don’t like Misty, prepare to suffer. Greatly! It’ll be fun for everyone!

Pokemon – Misty by MilliganVick

While Ash may never age in his bizarre coma universe, it seems Misty doesn’t have that weird anomaly going on! The years have definitely been a friend to her! The great thing about a Misty cosplay is no one is going to really look at you funny. It’s probably one of the few Pokémon character cosplays you could get away with without raising eyebrows. Now see, if you tried this with an actual Pokémon cosplay, people might think it’s a little funny. Especially with something really crazy like some big ol’ Ho-oh cosplay or something really flamboyant like that. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be fun, though! Make it your next delightful social experiment!

Pokemon – Misty by MilliganVick

Okay, if you haven’t figured it out already, SPOILER ALERT, MilliganVick dominated DeviantArt this week with this cosplay. And you have to admit, it definitely is pretty exact and on the money. The background does make you wonder… would Misty be good at volleyball? And what would it be like having your whole Pokémon team helping you out? I do suppose water Pokémon would be better, as if you only had fire types that always INCINERATED the ball every time it came toward them, that might be an issue.


Pokemon – Misty by MilliganVick

I love the title on this one so much more than the last two! And I have no idea what type of doughnut that is but it sure looks tasty and I want one too, now. Or heck, give me any flavor right now, as long as it’s not one of those weird jelly ones. And Misty, I love your taste in smart phone battery chargers. The one I have is just a big ol’ boring black brick-looking thing.

Pokemon – Misty by MilliganVick

And… this is what Misty looks like after one too many volleyball games! She looks either really exhausted or Guzma spiked the ball right on her face and maybe she’s now in the same coma-land as Ash! It could also be she discovered the Matrix is actually a thing or she came out of a two-hour debate about the way the movie Shutter Island ended. After something like that, flopping down on the sand actually doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

It’s just more dandy where it’s sandy!

Pokemon – Misty and Hilda by MilliganVick

Player 2 has entered the arena! Okay, I’ll admit, this Hilda one is pretty darn close too. These people know their cosplays.

It also seems like Misty isn’t too crazy about sharing the spotlight now. Hilda’s perfectly fine with it, but we all have to wonder what kind of revenge Misty’s plotting. Remember, children, with Pokémon, the revenge possibilities are endless!

That’s all for now, ladies and gentlemen! The weather may change and the styles will come and go, but caffeine is a buddy you can trust on all year round!

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