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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep29 27NOV2017 – 03DEC2017


When you think art and holiday psychosis, you think Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief! Or at least I hope so!

Aloha from the glorious state of New Jersey, USA, where things still look very much like autumn and yet people are putting up Christmas decorations and finding out half the bulbs on the light string aren’t working! Like I did with three of mine yesterday!

So grab your cup of cocoa, bite the head off your gingerbread man cookie, and let’s get cracking!

Pokemon : Journey by Sai-Dui

Everyone looks so happy and excited! Except Tapu Koko, who looks like someone put rubber cement on his toilet seat this morning and that same vile delinquent turned off the hot water heater while he was in the shower. And Rowlet kind of looks like was the one who did it and freaked out as he realized fate finally caught up to him! Bad. Bad Rowlet. We know it was you!

Let’s just hope he doesn’t suddenly take a dump while sitting on that guy’s head…

Stacking Plush: Pokemon Vol. 1 by Serenity-Sama

Oh, ABOUT TIME someone make these for Pokémon! I see these silly things for Disney princesses and nonsense and nothin’ like these silly chaps. I wonder if Serenity-Sama will try to make all 807 Pokémon and create the ULTIMATE MONSTER POKÉMON PYRAMID! I pity whoever is all the way on the bottom of that.

Pokemon Starter Necklaces by MewMewCharms

Aww, these are cute! It’s actually hard to make fun of these! Well, okay, I guess it does kind of look like their tails were cut off and strung around their necks in a witch-doctor kind of way, but even that’s still kind of cute! So now you can have your favorite starter, their head, and their tail, strung around YOUR neck! Wow!

138 – Omanyte by TsaoShin

Dawww, TsaoShin actually made what’s usually an easy-to-forget-it’s-a-Pokémon Pokémon really cute and sweet! Look at those eyes! It’s like he just wants to be buddies and give you a really big hug with all those legs and arms he has. Or are they considered tentacles? Wait, if they’re arms and legs, then which ones in particular are arms, legs, and…

Well, that shell is nice too.

Shiny Decidueye by Autlaw

And this outright murders our cuteness showcase with sudden abruption with this glorious badass Decidueye, who looks like he’s ready to rain terror and nightmares on all the children at the orphanage! Best looked at while listening to your favorite final boss theme. Or your favorite death metal soundtrack. You know the one, where Cookie Monster sounds like he got a cocktail of adrenaline, morphine, testosterone, and steroids with sixty espresso shots. No, no, don’t actually try drinking something like that. It won’t help you during final exams.

That’s all, ladies and gentlemen! Remember to be on your best behavior! Well, because it’s good for everyone and not because Santa Claus is like the NSA or some dinky twit thought that Elf on a Shelf thing was cute when it’s just daft and silly.

Cheers and good times!

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