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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep4 04JUN2017-10JUN2017



Because we haven’t been taken over by aliens, zombies, or robot armies, Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief continues on!

Whether you’re having lunch or on the potty or both as one continuous cycle of digestion, Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief is your Saturday treat wherever in the world you are no matter what gizmo or gadget you’re using to browse the wonderful virtual hole we call the internet!

So let’s poke some fun into some popular Pokémon art on dA, shall we? Why not, that’s what you came for!

Mimikyu (Pokemon Card Collage) by PlusleThePokemon04

So when someone asks “what are you going to use all those extra fighting energy cards for?” let this Mimikyu collage inspire you! Because if you have a whole shoebox stuffed with them, don’t let it collect dust! Put those darn things to work! You paid good money for them! Or… your parents paid good money for them! And yet again, we have the ULTRA INSANELY POPULAR MIMIKYU making yet another appearance in NEMM! NEMM. That’s a funny acronym for this whole column!

In any case, this is actually pretty impressive work considering you need to figure out how you want to lay this whole thing out, find the right cards that give you the colors you need, find a good place for them, and hope your dog or cat don’t suddenly decide to come into the room and trample all over it! Great work keeping your family pets restrained long enough to make this, PlusleThePokemon04!

I stress crocheted a lot of Pokemon :P by Tessa4244

Aww, look at these with their wee bitty eyes! They’re so cute and tiny! They could be plotting to unleash a viral contagion and you wouldn’t even care in the slightest because you’d just want to cradle them even though your hair could be falling out and turning into a zombie.

AND DON’T YOU DARE PLAY HACKY SACK WITH THEM!!! Or I will find you. THEY will find you. They will haunt you. They will befoul you with the stale cookie curse. I will help them bestow said stale cookie curse. You don’t want that. Please, think of the cookies.

Still, this is a great way to work off stress! What great results! Way better to do something like this and show others than to just pile up a collection of empty beer bottles. From… well, you know.

Weekly Doodles – Favourite Pokemon (Rando) by RandoWis

Those are two really concerning facial expressions right there. The doodles are cute and it’s a little weird and a little funny. Weinny. Or funird. And this would definitely make a GREAT candidate for one of those humorous “Caption the Picture” games. Who is the Rando dude? Well, with a face like that, maybe we don’t want to know.

Just think happy thoughts, Gardevoir. Happy thoughts.

Offhand, “Rando the Commando” sounds like it would be a great name for a cartoony mini-series.

Weekly Doodles – Favourite Pokemon (Lu) by RandoWis

Okay, RandoWis definitely dominated this week. Here’s another weekly doodle from RandoWis features Lu! I’m not sure who Lu is either, but here’s Lu and Milotic sharing a smooch! It’s a cute, heartwarming picture. See, Milotic could be thinking “she’ll never find the bodies” and Lu could be like “I’m going to get sooo much money selling you to an exotic fish vendor” and you’d be too “aww, they’re kissing!” to even consider that! Good thing my mind is in the gutter to remind you of such things! Just in case you were feeling happy today!

Weekly Doodles – Favourite Pokemon (Amirul) by RandoWis

Okay RandoWis, you definitely won this week. I wonder if I’m going to run into someone who secures all top five slots with their art for the entire week! Anyway, here’s a third of RandoWis’s weekly doodles!

With a sneer and a smirk like that, you’re not sure who’s worse, the Amirul dude or Gengar. These two are perfect for each other. They’ve got the same smirk, the same devious eyes, and the same “I woke up and forgot to comb my hair” hairdo. It’s even parted the same way! They probably eat the same foods, steal candy from the same children, each set their own flaming bag of poo by the front doors of every home before ringing the bell, and both take up two spots with their cars, using up a total of four spots! Truly model citizens.

That’s all for this week, peeps! Remember to change your underwear every day!

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