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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep43 05MAR2018 – 11MAR2018


There’s always more Pokémon art to poke fun at when you’re with NEMM!

There’s more fresh nonsense to be had! We’re getting closer to St Patrick’s Day, but feel free to indulge on all that discount Valentine’s Day candy that’s out there! There’s some left! Trust me, I already got a handful of the stuff and I was nice enough to leave some for you! Well, the stuff I didn’t want anyway.

Onto the art!

Pokemon #564-565 by Cosmopoliturtle

Okay, really, this Cosmopoliturtle guy’s been on an endless roll DOMINATING the top DeviantArt top five like every week since time existed. We’ve got alternative designs for Tirtouga and Carracosta today (along with loads of others to come), and they’re pretty nifty! Carracosta doesn’t look all grumpy like his official version does! Interesting shell, though. Is that extra armor he’s wearing?

Pokemon #570-571 by Cosmopoliturtle

Aww, Zorua became a little cuter! And his buddy Zoroark became a WHOLE LOT MORE BADASS LIKE THE SOUL-HARVESTING COLOSSUS OF DOOM HE NOW IS! Actually, I like the guy’s smile. It’s like “sure, I can totally annihilate time and space with my giant gargantuan arm of shadow flames and the anguish of a million lost souls, but you know, nah. Let’s just order pizza and watch whatever Netflix has on.

Let’s all just nod and agree that’s a fantastic idea before he changes his mind!

Pokemon #568-569 by Cosmopoliturtle

“And you’ll be with to-to-to Totoro!”

If the idea of Pokémon based on trash bags and piles bothered you enough to crush cans against your head and shoot off firecrackers at your local retirement home, then you’ll love the redesign on these guys! They look like they’re from a land where it’s Easter all the time and there’s chocolate bunnies and candy for everyone and the sun is always shining and the bar never closes and everything smells like FLOWERS! I mean come on, even the four horsemen of the apocalypse can stop to enjoy that!

.: Alexis The Pokemon Trainer :. by Sincity2100

Wait, it’s not another Pokémon redesign from Cosmopoliturtle!? No!? It’s a Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon Crossover! Okay, hasn’t been the first time that’s ever been done, but it’s all good! Why imagine alternative universes when we can just mash ’em all together?

And of course Gardevoir is being all lovey-huggy as usual. Go on, give her a nice big SQUEEZE!

Pokemon #566-567 (Normal) by Cosmopoliturtle

So many more! These guys were cute already, but why not more blue!? And give Archeops glowing yellow eyes of soul-gazing power!? Plus wings on their feet! Along with crazy tiger stripes! What more could you ask for!? You could always add horns and more teeth and witty Gordon Ramsey like commentary to defeat their foes!

That’s all for now! Remember that if you can’t find a soccer ball to play soccer, just use a basketball instead!

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