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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep46 02APR2018 – 08APR2018


Your one-way ticket to silly comments about silly Pokémon art!

I apologize for the Lopunny-related technical difficulties last week. Rest assured that they’ve been somewhat corrected. That’s totally not like me and is just absolutely… okay, no, that was all me and I take full responsibility for it. Nah-nah-ha-ha-ha!

Anyway, we have art, we have you, we have me, so let’s dive in and conjure up some nonsense!

Pokemon Stickers by SeviYummy

There are two states of existence. No stickers or absolutely plastered to all heck with stickers. You NEVER stop with just one sticker. No, you keep going until it’s an absolute pandemonium of sticker anarchy.

And that’s what SeviYummy is hoping you’ll do! Okay, so if you need even more Pokémon presence on some physical object that needs stickering, here you go! Whether it’s your laptop, your desktop, your car, your cat, your face, or your income tax return to appease all those IRS Pokémon fans, you get can them here and now!

Pokemon #597-598 by Cosmopoliturtle

Okay, I LOVE these alternative redesigns! Ferroseed went from being just a spiky ball with eyes to becoming this cute little spiky fox thingy or whatever. And instead of Ferrothorn’s goofy spiky UFO thing with spiky arms, you get this adorable and colorful armadillo dude! This is awesome! It’s like “oh, instead of making today just so random no-nothing day like June 17th or November 21st or something random like that, we can just make it Halloween or Christmas instead! Why not? What a deal!

Pokemon #595-596 by Cosmopoliturtle

Just when you thought adorable lil’ Joltik couldn’t get any cuter, BAM! You get this fuzzy lil’ spider that just wants to be fluffy for you and enjoy your sweet luvin’. You could have deadly levels of arachnophobia, but this lil’ fuzzy fluff would conquer your fears for you and show you a magical world where spiders aren’t something to fear. They’re our friends!

And then you have Galvantula who looks like you could hop on its back and it’ll take you to a mystical land of dreams and mysteries and all your childhood imagination creations will be ready to greet you with warm apple pies and all the wonderful ice cream flavors that no one has thought of yet like maple syrup and happy honeycomb.

Pokemon Black and White – Hilda (2018) by chocomiru02

See, I’ve been ruined, because every time I hear the name “Hilda,” I think of the Broom Hilda comic strip and then I can’t help but think of witches and spells, which would be kind of funny if you applied that to this Hilda as well. And that smile. And the fact her hands are behind her back. Like she’s going to pull a fast one on you and if you turn around, only then you’ll learn the terrible truth behind her true nature, but you’ll be a silly, slinky lil’ Furret now and no one will understand your warnings when you try to inform them what this deceptive girl is capable of! And she’ll laugh and she’ll laugh and fly away on a comet of sparkly stars, off to find her next victim while you’re wondering if you really need to keep pursuing that college degree you were going for if you’re like a Furret now.

See what kind of mess this causes!?

Pokemon Sprite Sale [examples] by Aenea-Jones

In the beginning, there were sprites. And then there were perler beads. These two formed a tactical alliance in the battle against the girth of your wallet. A war they seem to be winning quite well! Just kidding, they’re fun to collect and if it’s a sprite, you can perler bead that puppy! What’s nice about these is you can choose any Pokémon you want and through the magic of German engineering, now get one to six of these little beauties on your doorstep to a happy new home. What magical adventures will YOU take them on!?

That’s all for this crazy little week! I’m finally almost done cleaning up the Lopunny fur! Until next time, peace!

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