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New Episodes of Pokémon Journeys debut on Netflix!

Part 3 of Pokémon Journeys has released! Check it out!

Pokemon fans rejoice as another batch of Pokémon Journey episodes debut on Netflix for US viewers. Sometime between midnight and 3 AM, depending on your timezone, the latest batch of episodes should have gone live. As with past releases of these batches, Part 3 will consist of 12 new episodes, which aired from June till September in Japan.

This batch of episodes is going to include some of the episodes that went viral after they debuted in Japan, including Goh’s adventure in the Ilex Forest, the first ever two for one special episode, and more! So get ready to see Slowpoke, Sobble, Riolu, and a bunch of other really cool Pokémon as the Journey continues with this latest batch of episodes! These episodes introduce a lot of firsts for the Pokémon franchise, and while we can’t list them all without spoiling the episodes themselves, we think it’s worth checking them out, and the series as a whole thus far, just for that.

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