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New Looks for Let’s Go!

Elite 4
The road to be the best like no one ever was is filled with tough opponents!

And trainers got to see these tough challenges in the latest trailer for Let’s Go. The game is only less then a week away! We finally got to see the rest of the Kanto Gym Leaders and Elite Four new looks! Plus a hint at some cameos from old friends.

The trailer below mostly showcase the new designs for the Kanto Elite Four and the last four Gym Leaders.

It is notable that Sabrina may have gotten a complete new design for her gym. Based on her battle arena, it looks as if trainers will be battling high in Saffron’s skyline as you get to see the skyscrapers surrounding the gym.

The new trailer ended with shots of the original trainers from the Gen 1 and Gen 3 games. It looks as Red and Blue from Gen 1 will be making an appearance with Green/Leaf from Gen 3. Red and Green retain their original apperances from their games. Meanwhile, Green/Leaf have a design that combines her prototype design from Gen 1 with her design from Gen 3.

Based on their locations in the trailer. Trainers can encounter Blue outside Pewter City Gym. Meanwhile, it looks as if Green/Leaf will be encountered within Cerulean Cave. It is unknown if these trainers will be encountered in the main storyline or in the post game.

Get ready to lets go and catch Pokemon!

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