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New Mini Set! Dragon Majesty!

Dragon MajestyDragon rising in the Fall!

A brand new TCG mini set will be release this September that will feature plenty of Dragon type Pokemon. This set will roar onto the scenes will be called called Dragon Majesty!

Dragon Majesty is based on Japan’s Dragon Storm. This mini set will be focusing on Fire, Water and Dragon type Pokemon. You can expect this set to be similar to previous mini sets such as Generations and Shining Legends. Packs for Dragon Majesty will be release in collections such as boxes. The first collection sets that will feature Dragon Majesty packs will be “Latios or Latias Dragon Majesty Pin Collections” that will be released this September.

Expect to see powerful cards such as Dragonite GX, Reshiram GX, and Lance Prism Star with the release of Dragon Majesty!

Source: PokeBeach

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