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New Movie 21 Trailer

New Movie 21 Trailer
A new trailer for this year’s Pokemon movie has been released.

The Japanese variety show Oha Suta has premiered the new trailer for the 21st Pokemon movie. This movie showed plenty of new character that will be in the movie along with the title. This year’s movie will be called Pokemon: Everyone’s Story.

The trailer shows several trainers of various ages. It starts with a trainer named Lisa and her Eevee. Lisa was the young girl who we saw in the teaser trailer from December. There is also a performer called Kagachi and his Sudowoodo, a weak researcher named Torito and his Chansey, an elderly trainer called Hisui with a Togepi, Totodile, Smoochum & Marill and a young girl named Rarugo. Lastly, Ash and Pikachu appears and they all join together on a cliff. The trailer ends as they watch Lugia fly off towards a city in the ocean.

This trailer showed nothing more such as new Pokemon to be in the movie or any other plot details. Please note that not everything in this trailer may be in the movie.

If you want baseless speculation then it would seems that this movie will feature Ash and these five trainers. The movie will show how Pokemon has brought them together. These characters could represent the different types of Pokemon fans there are from young, trendy, old and other walks of life. They will then throw in Lugia to bring all these trainers together to create a movie. Maybe even another Mythical Pokemon. Once again, this is all reckless speculation that isn’t base on anything.

You can watch the new trailer below. There should be more information about the movie before April and once we get details about the Summer TCG set for Japan.

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