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New Season of Anime! Ultimate Journeys!

Ultimate Journeys
Time for an ultimate journey!

The 25th season of the Pokemon anime has been announced with a release date!

You can look forward to watching Pokemon the Series: Ultimate Journeys soon on your television! This new season will be airing on Netflix for the United States starting on May 28, 2022. It will air in Canada on Corus / TELETOON.

This new season will have Ash, Goh and Chole all working towards their own goals. You can watch Ash take part in intense battles as he rank up in the Pokémon World Coronation Series. Meanwihle Goh will be working on trials to earn a spot in Project Mew. Lastly, Chole and her Eevee will be discovering which Eevee evolution will be right for the both of them.

You can watch the trailer for Pokemon the Series: Ultimate Journeys below.

Source: Pokemon

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