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New Season Name Reveal! Ultra Legends!

Ultra Legends
The name for the new season of the Pokemon dub anime has been revealed!

The 22nd season for the Pokemon anime dub is right around the corner. With that said, Teletoon has reveal the name for the new season to be Pokemon: Sun & Moon- Ultra Legends. This season will have Misty and Brock visiting Alola, the introduction of Team Skull and the mystery of Meltan.

Teletoon has also reveal the dub title for the first episode of the season to be called “Lillier and the Staff!”. The episode will air this Saturday, March 2 at noon ET/PT in Canada. This episode features Lillie and her class putting on a play for their school.

There is currently no US air date for this episode or the start of the 22nd season of the anime, Ultra Legends.

Source: Bulbanews

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