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New Patch for Pokémon GO

A new patch has released for Pokémon GO.

The next patch for Pokémon GO has been announced, bringing the game up to Version 1.39. This patch is being pushed to devices and includes a myriad of fixes focused on Raid Battles. First, you’ll be able to spin a Gym after completing a Raid Battle. You’ll also be able to give berries to your Pokémon in Gyms despite not being near them, just with a decreased motivation boost. It also boosts search functionality in the Pokémon Collection screen and gives further information on how a Pokémon was caught. However, it should be noted that reports are starting to come in that when appraising a Pokémon if you are a member of Team Instinct, there is currently a glitch where Candora, Team Valor’s leader, appraises your Pokémon, not Spark. It is unknown how soon this glitch will be fixed.

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