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New Videos for Let’s Go! Misty’s New Pokemon!

Lavender Town
Time to get spooky and more!

Two new videos have came out today involving Let’s Go. There is one showcasing Lavender Town while the other is a new advertising!

Lavender Town

The Japanese YouTube account showed a video featuring Lavender Town. This video mostly covered the common areas of Lavender Town such as Pokemon Tower, the people in the town and tower.

This video also gave watchers a listen on the new Lavender Town theme. Viewers also got to see the new design for the Channelers that reside within Pokemon Tower. They look a deranged as always.

New Commercial and Misty’s New Pokemon

A new English trailer was release on Nintendo’s YouTube Channel. This video showed young adults having fun playing Let’s Go. It did show off some of the recently announced features such as Meltan being used in game and co-op.

One interesting things about the video is that it shows a possible new Pokemon being used by Gym Leader Misty. In the screenshot below, it shows Misty using Psyduck in her gym battle against the player. This could be in reference to Misty owning a Psyduck in the anime. In the original Yellow game, Misty only had Staryu and Starmie. It is unknown if Misty had replaced one of her original Pokemon or Psyduck is a new addition to her roster.

Lets GO

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