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Next Episode of Pokemon Evolutions Will Be…

Pokemon Evolutions
Have your Thursdays been lacking Pokemon Evolutions?

It seems as if the newest Pokemon series of anime shorts has been missing for the last few weeks. Maybe you were expecting a look at the Sinnoh Region with Barry. After all, the series was releasing a new episode every two weeks. Though, that seem to have stopped after Ghetsis’s “The Plan”.

Worry not! New episodes are coming! You will just have to wait a little bit longer. The next episode of Pokemon Evolutions will be release on December 2nd.

This episode will feature Barry and the Sinnoh region. Maybe the break happen in order to ensure that new trainers were not going to be spoiled the events from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shiny Pearl.

With that said, enjoy your journey in the Sinnoh region tomorrow!

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