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Oceania Internationals Date Announced

Time to get your bags packed for Australia!

The European Internationals has come to an end but the next International is coming! Those who want to take part in the Oceania Internationals Championships will need to head to Australia in 2018.

The Oceania Internationals Championships will take place on February 9th – 11th 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

This International will be using the Standard format which includes BREAKthrough to Crimson Invasion for the TCG. Ultra Prism will not be legal for this tournament.

Those playing in the VGC will be playing using Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This format will allow the use of the National Dex, all the moves from the USUM Move Tutors and Mega Stones. Players will also have access to the use of Z-Moves.

Do you want to be the best? Then make sure to attend the Oceania Internationals in February to prove it!

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